2500/3500 Long Arm Cradle Suspension

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Track bar 1.JPG

2500/3500 Long Arm Cradle Suspension

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Stage 1 - Dodge 2500/3500 Long Arm Cradle Suspension: 

  • Full Suspension with Air Springs
  • Manual fill valves and fittings
  • Front HD Adjustable Track Bar
Suspension Ride Height:
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This Ultimate Air Ride Suspension comes in two options of ride heights, either our 6-10” kit or our 9-13” kit.  The 6-10” kit can be set at a ride height of anywhere from 6-10".  The system can also be completely lowered to sit on its internal bump stops at 2" over stock or fully "aired up," to a maximum height of 12.5" over stock.

The taller, 9-13” kit, ranges in ride heights from 9-13" and sets down at 3 1/2" over stock, with a maximum lift of 16".  This suspension is not a "lift kit" like most other companies sell.  It is a complete suspension conversion, which replaces the original coil or leaf springs with reliable Firestone Air Springs.  All the brackets, link arms and track bars locate the axles and mount the air springs in place. 

What's Included: 

The suspension kit includes all necessary brackets, including front track bar mount with matching dropped pitman arm, air springs, link arms, rear track bar assembly and all fasteners.  

What Else is Needed:  

Shocks:  The suspension is set up for dual front and single rear shocks.  The shocks that we recommend are FOA Shocks which are 2.0" remote reservoir shock, which comes custom valved to give the optimal ride for our air suspensions.  The fronts use 12" travel shocks, while the rear use a 16" travel shock.   See our accessories page for further information on shocks.  Customers are welcome to use other shock brands but know that we use these for a reason; they are a high quality shock that, with the custom valving, are the best complimenting shock to our air suspension. 

Air Management System:  The Air Management System is what controls air going in and out of the air springs and allows raising and lowering your truck from a dash mounted display.  We proudly sell the finest air management system on the market, made by Accuair.  The common components are an on-board compressor(s), air storage tank(s), a dash mounted control panel, an ECM and individual ride height sensors at each corner.

The air management system is an option, that most all want. This is a component that could be added later, if not in the budget, and the suspension can be manually set using a shop compressor and manual fill valves.  See our accessories page for more information on various air management system options. 

Front Driveline Modification or Transfer Case Indexing Kit: The front drivelines on the Dodge Ram require modification, as they will contact the front transmission/transfer case cross member at somewhere around 8" of lift. There are two options.  The first, our recommended method, is to have a local driveline shop take your factory, front driveline and have it made into a longer, high-angle version.  This allows it to clear the front cross member.  The second option is to purchase a transfer case clocking ring kit.  DT Profab and BDS make quality kits.  These rotate the transfer case downward and allow the factory driveline to be re-used.  The transmission/transfer case cross member will need to be modified, dropped or replaced with an aftermarket version.


Additional Info: 

Manufacturing Specifications:  Our suspensions are designed in Solidworks Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software and files obtained from Ford.  A laser mill cuts the steel and is then computer bent on a brake or bending machine.  This suspension is made completely of high strength 3/16" and 1/4" steel.  High strength steel is now being used by auto manufacturers and approximately 2-3 times as strong as the standard steel that most suspension companies use.  The link arms are made of the largest diameter 2.125" X .188 wall tubing, that we can fit. This is a performance system that can handle virtually anything you can run it through off road.  Even if you don't take your truck off-road, this gives you the peace of mind to know it can handle anything on the road, without risk of failure while towing or an evasive steering maneuver, etc.

Installation:  Installation is available in our Arizona shop and recommended, but not required.  We of course know our suspensions better than anyone and feel this allows the highest quality installation available.  However, this system is also relatively easy to install for a well-equipped garage or shop. We also proudly partner with shops around the country who have been qualified to install our suspensions, to find the shop in your area go to our dealers page.  This suspension is completely bolt on with no need for welding and only a minimal number of holes drilled in the bottom of the frame.  The factory, coil spring towers and radius arm brackets must be removed. 

Warranty:   Our suspensions carry the limited, lifetime warranty of "if you can break it, then we will replace it." This is true for any of our brackets and suspensions.  We are that confident.  We are proud to say that we have never had a failure or warranty claim.