What can I expect an Ultimate Air Ride suspension to do to the ride of my truck?

With an Ultimate Air Ride suspension, you can expect your truck to ride more like a half ton truck but haul like a 1 ton or more.  

How long does an air spring (air bag) last and how durable are they?

Firestone rates the life of their air springs at 10 years.  They are very durable units and are typically trouble free for their lifetime.

What happens if I ever did get a leak in an air spring?

Air springs typically don't ever get leaks, but if they do it is usually small and slow.  In the event that they do leak, the suspension will lower down safely.  We design our suspensions to be able to drop all the way down and not have any contact with the truck or any of its components, including up to 40" tires.  The air springs have an internal bump stop built into them and allow for a firm, but manageable ride if they have to be driven in this mode.

What kind of warranty is there in case I break a bracket or link arm? 

We have a limited lifetime warranty.  If you ever have a bracket fail in any way, we will replace it for the lifetime of the truck, as long as you are the original owner. Exclusions include having obvious contact failure from rocks, terrain, etc. or due to a motor vehicle accident.

How will my truck handle, tow and perform, when lifted with up to 15" of lift and as large as 40" tires?  We specialize in making a big, lifted truck on big tire and wheel combinations handle and perform as well as they absolutely can.  Our suspensions allow you to love  driving your truck.  Haul and tow in a level controlled manner with confidence.  Our suspension provide the most practical, comfortable and best performing lifted truck available!  We challenge you to find a better one!!


How much abuse can my air suspension take off-road?

The Ultimate Air Ride suspension can take a lot of abuse off-road and it performs exceptionally well.  We designed it first and foremost to be off-road capable.  It will articulate very well and should handle most anything you can throw at it.  We tell our customers they can take it through any situation, short of pre-running the Baja, although we are looking into that!

Does Ultimate Air Ride require any welding, cutting, or drilling to install?

We are proud to say that our kits are almost completely bolt on using factory holes in over 95% of the attachment points.  We strive to make it as easy as possible to install for a qualified shop. Certain suspensions require some minor cutting of factory brackets.  Occasionally some grinding of tabs and other minor areas is needed.  No welding is ever required.

What is the install time on an Ultimate Air Ride Suspension? 

 The suspension comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions on how to bolt on our kits.  Due to this we have found that the average shop will take around 30-35 hours to install our suspensions.  Additional time is needed to install the air compressor(s), air tanks and air management system, depending on the level of customization going into the vehicle build.