We strive to manufacture the highest quality air suspension, that has to be strong off road first, and then succeed in every way on the road.
— Doug Howard - Founder & CEO


Since 2003, Ultimate Air ride has been designing and building high quality, off-road capable, show quality air suspensions.  The pickup truck is a great tool in day-to-day life, which hauls, tows and takes us on off-road adventures.  Along with its performance capabilities it is also expected to drive unloaded in comfort.  The problem is, there is a compromise between all these jobs where the stock suspension cannot do any one thing particularly well.  Add a lift kit with big tires and the quality of the ride continues to decline.

In 2003, Founder & CEO, Doug Howard, set out on a quest to change the way our trucks work for us.  After owning several automotive businesses, Doug began exploring the solutions for our daily driver trucks that have suspensions that are woefully inadequate.  The answer was found in the commercial trucking and RV industries, where the air suspension has been in use for decades.  With that technology in mind, Ultimate Air Ride has designed a link air suspension that would first be off-road capable.  Doug focused on its off-road capabilities knowing that if he could perfect its off-road capabilities, then when a truck is on the road it can handle any situation thrown in its path, without failure. 

The highly durable, multi-purpose Ultimate Air Ride suspension not only takes your truck from its acceptable performance to supreme capabilities in all areas of functionality, but it also proves to be a jaw dropping show worthy suspension.  Adjust the height on your truck to ride level while towing or carrying a huge payload, to fit into a low garage, or just to show off to your buddies.  Regardless of your reason, let Ultimate Air Ride take you on the ride of your life.

Our Mission

To build the highest quality performance air suspension on the market that is off-road capable, has exceptional ride quality, and tows/hauls better than stock. 


Firestone Industrial Products and Ultimate Air Ride LLC  

Please note that the term "Air Ride" is a licensed trademark of Firestone Industrial Products.  Although the words "Air Ride" are used in the business name Ultimate Air Ride, we are in no way connected with Firestone Industrial Products.